Top 5 Facebook Ads Tips & Features You Need To Know

In the past 2 years social advertising spend has skyrocketed, and it’s no surprise why. Facebook’s advertising platform right now is king, due to 2 simple reasons. Firstly, the in-depth targeting capabilities allowing you to get in front of highly qualified leads. Secondly, it’s the most under priced attention on the planet right now.

Here are the top 5 Facebook tips and features you can use for your business.


#1 Lookalike audiences

One of the most effective targeting methods available today is lookalike audiences.

In essence, it’s Facebook generating an audience similar to your existing customer base. So how does Facebook do it? It pulls data off of email lists, their pixel or any conversion goals that you may have setup. Facebook uses this data to match other Facebook profiles based on interests, behaviors, demographics and much more.

You can learn how to create a lookalike audience here


#2 Don’t Forget Location Options

When selecting locations you want to target, you don’t want to forget the small details.

You have to ask yourself; are you trying to target people that actually live in a certain location or people who are currently in that location (vacation, business trip etc). Picking the wrong one can have a drastic impact on your results.


#3 Re-targeting

Some of the best people to target are people who have already landed on your website. Maybe they were going to give your business a call but they got interrupted. Or maybe they were going to complete their checkout on your site and all of a sudden the door bell rang.

Re-marketing to these people can yield high returns.


#4 Split Testing

One of the great features Facebook offers is the ability to split test. What does this mean? Say for example you’d like to test an ad but don’t know what the perfect age range is for your target customer. With split testing you can create 2 ads that each target a different age range. That way you find out which group are more responsive to your ad and scale it.


#5 Reporting, Reporting aaannnd… Some More Reporting

The sheer volume of data Facebook provides is incredible. You can track every single result down to the penny. The numbers don’t lie. With Facebook’s advanced reporting you can very quickly decide which campaigns a winner and which campaigns just not going to cut the mustard.


These are just some of my favourite features on the Facebook advertising platform. With the potential for a hefty return on investment, it’s no mystery why so many businesses are starting to take advantage of Facebook’s under priced advertising.