How To Create Facebook Ads: Instantly Target Your Dream Customers & Avoid Throwing Money In The Bin

What you'll learn in this video:

- How most people target customers on Facebook & why they're all doing it wrong

- The exact targeting Facebook Ad experts use to get in front of their dream customers, and have them practically begging to hand over their credit cards

- How you can take advantage of some simple steps to drive down your advertising costs & increase your profits

- Highly classified tactics the experts don't want you to know about which you can use to build massive credibility in your industry and become the go-to person/business in your field.

Video Transcript: (watch the video for full content)

Why is it that some people are making millions running ads on Facebook and others are just throwing money in the bin.

Today I'm gonna reveal exactly how the experts are targeting their ideal dream customers on Facebook and how you can too

My name is Volkan Durgac I am the founder of, the aim of these videos is to expose the secrets of the world's greatest marketers and share them with you and that's exactly what

we're going to be doing in this video

but before we get started I have one

question for you are you ready to learn

how to create Facebook Ads the correct

way and get in front of your dream

customers in minutes, good without

further ado let's jump into my computer

and I'm going to show you how to create

the most spectacular Facebook Ads

you've ever seen in your life let's get

into it okay we are now in my computer I

am going to be showing you how to create

Facebook ads and get in front of your

ideal customers in minutes now before we

get into it, I need to go over some

basics because if you don't understand

this basic core principle you're never

gonna be able to make money with

Facebook ads, your Facebook ads are never

going to be profitable, what I'm talking

about is this basic formula right here

which is this the right audience plus

the right offer equals sales now this

might seem very obvious however you

would be absolutely surprised at the

number of people who don't understand

this basic concept and honestly I wish

it was harder I honestly do if you get

these two things right there is no way

that your Facebook ads can fill it just

can't happen it's not possible so we

have two main things we want to focus on

right to have a successful Facebook ad

our audience and our offer now today

we're going to be covering the audience

aspect of the ads there are five main

targeting options that facebook gives

you now I'm gonna start off with the

worst and I'm gonna slowly build up to

the best targeting option the first one

and the worst one is interest you would

not believe how many people run Facebook

ads based on interests and they're

losing a lot of

let me give you an example right Apple

the company I'm sure you've heard of it

so if somebody likes a post related to

Apple whether it's their computers

whether their phones if somebody likes a

post related to Apple on facebook

facebook then registers that as an

interest someone has now put forward

that they have an interesting app now

let's compare that to the next few

targeting options which is behaviors and

demographics now an example of an of a

behavior is if somebody actually owns an

Apple product so let me ask you this

what's more powerful in this scenario so

let's say you're selling iPhone cases

would you prefer to target people who

have liked a post about Apple on

Facebook who have somewhat of an

interest in app was the company or would

you want to target somebody who actually

owns an Apple product to sell your cases

to sell your accessories and that's why

interest is worse and then behaviors and

demographics comes after that and just a

side note behaviors and demographics go

really deep as well as interests but

behaviors and demographics are a little

bit more powerful because it's not 100%

algorithm based interests are based on

the algorithm and behaviors and

demographics are based on pure fact for

example in the demographics section you

can actually target people based on

their net worth you can target people

based on their yearly income this is a

first point date or that Facebook has

gathered and put into their ad platform

which is why if you're trying to sell a

Lamborghini you don't target the person

who has liked the post about Lamborghini

on Facebook because they probably won't

have the money to buy one so instead

what do you do you target somebody who

actually has the money now that being

said I've gone over three of the five

main targeting options these are the

these three are the worst ones these

four you have a time and a place and

we'll get onto that later they're good

to use in the beginning but if you rely

on these targeting options then you're

gonna be throwing a lot of money in the

bin now with that being said I now want

to move on to custom audiences a custom

audience is an audio

that is based on the data that you have

accumulated now some examples of

audience types where you can draw your

custom audiences from your customer they

are so for example if someone has bought

your product in the past

chances are you have that person's email

address their phone number and you could

actually give that information to

Facebook and Facebook can then target

that customer based on their email if

their email matches up of the email on

their Facebook account you can run an ad

to that person similar to if somebody

has given you their email address you

can target them on Facebook and this is

someone who has become a lead so there

are a lot more likely to to convert on

your Facebook Ads

another example of an audience type

would be website traffic somebody lands

on your website because you have your

would be website traffic somebody lands

on your website because you have your

Facebook pixel installed they get

pixeled and then you could be you can

retarget them later who's more likely to

buy someone who's visited your website

before and stayed on it for 10 minutes

or somebody who has no idea what you do

why you do it the first person is more

likely to buy it because they know your

product they know your business and

they've invested time in you another one

is app activity and then also engagement

on Facebook itself so for example if you

were to set out if you want to create a

video and you created a custom audience

based on a seventy-five percent video

views somebody watches 75 percent of

your 10 minute video they now know who

you are and they are more likely to buy

your product or service than the person

who's never ever seen you before and

that can be a very powerful thing to do

now moving on I want to talk about

look-alike audiences why because custom

audiences are very limited unless you're

a company like Apple who has millions

and millions of customers worldwide a

lot of businesses don't have that and

more than likely you're working with

numbers a little bit smaller than that

so your custom audience is going to be

very limited however what Facebook

allows you to do is to clone your

existing customers you take your custom

audience and you clone them you target

an audience that is similar to an

existing audience of yours so for

example I've got some

was at the bottom here your fans your

facebook fans your conversion so if

somebody has opted in and given you

their email address and obviously other

custom audiences that you might have set

up now this is what so many people don't

understand this is why the experts are

able to create profitable campaigns time

and time again because they understand

this custom and look-alike audiences are

the goldmine of Facebook Ads if you are

constantly targeting based on interests

and behaviors good luck because it's not

how the experts do it so why are you

doing it that way now like I have said

before there is a time and a place to

use interest behavioral and demographics

targeting so when when do you use these

free targeting options if you're

starting from zero and you have

absolutely no data you've never made a

sale or you've made a very limited

number of sales that aren't enough to

actually build a custom audience that is

when you use interest based targeting

behavioral based targeting and

demographics based targeting another way

to use the first free interest options

is by excluding audiences to increase to

increase your audience relevance now

what does that mean it might be a bit

tricky for you to understand let me

explain it this is what this means and I

do love Lamborghini so I'm gonna keep

giving them Lamborghini examples so for

example somebody visits the Lamborghini

website and let's say a hunt let's say

1,000 people visit the Lamborghini

website out of those thousand people how

many people do you think can actually

afford a Lamborghini not that many right

most of them I just fund the website

because they love Lamborghini but they

can't afford it they can't afford their

cause so what you can do is you can

exclude all the people who can't afford

it using demographics for example or you

can exclude all the type of people that

drive a certain type of car for example

a cheaper car that way you know that

that person is more than likely not

going to be able to afford the

Lamborghinis that you're trying to sell

now some things to remember look

audiences are as good as your custom

audiences and I really want to highlight

this because they are as good as your

custom audiences which means that if

you've got a bunch of people that come

to your site and they click off within

10 15 seconds and then you use that

custom audience to create a look-alike

audience those people are not the right

people with a target let's say for

example with that you've collected a

bunch of emails and these email leads

never actually turn into buyers if you

don't take those email leads that never

have never turned into buyers and you

create a look-alike audience chances are

that's not going to be a very good

audience to target because they don't

want to buy from you what you want to do

is you want to target the people that

are similar to the people that have

bought from you let's back off for a

minute let me say that slowly it's

better to target people who are similar

to the people who have already bought

from you I hope that makes sense now

moving on let's look at some of the

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