Facebook Ads 2018

Facebooks Ads 2018: 3 Proven Tips To Lower Your Advertising Costs & Increase Your Profits

What you'll learn in this video:

- How to lower your Facebook Ad costs in 2018 whilst everyone else will see their advertising costs rise.

- How to ensure that you get the MOST out of every single marketing dollar.

- The one targeting option which will drive up your advertising costs day by day. (Most people target their customers with this)

- The new opportunity which will enable you to get more engagement from your list, like you've never seen before.


with Facebook advertising costs on the

rise every single click that you pay for

right now is becoming more and more


during 2018 more and more big companies

with millions and millions in budgets

they're gonna be pouring money into

Facebook ads which means that small

advertisers are going to get wiped out

today I'm gonna show you how you can not

only keep up but also decrease your

advertising costs and increase your


my name is Volkan Durgac I am the

founder of revenue takeoff.com the aim

of these videos is to expose the secrets

of the world's greatest marketers and

share them with you without further ado

let's get into how you can run

successful Facebook ads in 2018 okay we

are now in my computer so Facebook ads

in 2018 I'm gonna be sharing with you

three proven tips to lower your

advertising costs in 2018 and increase

your profits Wow

without further ado let's get into the

video now tip number one is to stop

targeting with interests I've talked

about this before in a previous video

and I'm gonna link it down below which

goes into further detail by just to give

you an overview right now you need to

rely more on the Facebook pixel during

2018 the Facebook pixel must become your

best friend

it's that simple if you are not using

the Facebook pixel to its full

capabilities to its full capacity in

2018 you are going to lose it is that

simple now why why is the Facebook pixel

so important because of custom audiences

and look-alike audiences now if you

don't know what custom audiences and

look-alike audiences are think of it

like this

a custom audience is when your

retargeting someone for example someone

that has given you their email or

somebody who has visited your site a

look-alike audience is cloning that

person who has

from you cloning that person who is

giving you their email now like I said I

covered this in a lot more detail in a

prior video that I made I'm gonna link

that below in the description so if you

want to check that out later

then feel free to do so now moving on to

tip number two messenger BOTS

these are still relatively new if you

haven't heard of these I wouldn't be

surprised because they are quite new and

they're not being fully exploited by

everybody yet it's one of those things

that come out and it's not overly

saturated yet which means that you need

to you absolutely need to take advantage

of messenger BOTS in 2018 if you are not

taking advantage of messenger bots in

2018 your advertising costs are going to

increase and your profits are going to

decrease it's that simple what I will

say is this run page post engagement ads

what does this mean I'll give you an

example so run a page post engagement ad

with messenger BOTS this is it's a game

changer you can run an ad and when

somebody comments on that ad like a

specific keyword or keyphrase

you can get them to sign up to your

messenger list it's that simple they

don't need to give you their email they

don't need to do anything and the open

rates and the click-through rates

everything is much higher so that's what

I'm gonna say for this I'm gonna cover

messenger but a lot more in the future

so if you want to stay tuned for that

then make sure you subscribe but for now

what I will say is this run an ad and

rather than trying to convert that

prospect on a landing page and trying to

take their email instead get them to

engage with your ads get them to comment

and let the messenger bots do their work

like I said I'm gonna cover this later

but for now that is all I can give you

anyway tip number three and this is so

watch the video for the rest of the content.

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